Got your attention yet ☺! What is photobiomodulation you ask? Well, it is commonly known as laser therapy. So, what is laser therapy, you ask? Laser therapy uses visible to near-infrared light to accomplish 3 key things for pain control and healing:

  1. It increases circulation and brings increased blood supply to the affected areas. This allows for all sorts of healing modulators to be brought to the area being lasered.
  2. It enhances the flow of oxygen from the blood into the cells that need it the most.
  3. It promotes cellular metabolism. We understand metabolism in the form of weight control, but this is at the cellular level and the cells can produce more energy which allows them to perform lots of great work for healing purposes.

WOW! Great stuff and what does this mean for your pet. These three things combined have a general effect of stimulating the body to do what it does naturally; heal tissue and decrease pain, but only faster.

Laser therapy produces a warm and soothing sensation that is relaxing for your pet. As a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, we often use massage along with laser and this helps stimulate muscle tissue as well. Warm, soothing, massage, how do I sign up? We can use laser therapy as a stand-alone treatment for chronic pain, and chronic wounds, but it is best used in conjunction with other modalities and medications for a Whole Pet approach to make your pet healthier. There are no side effects to laser treatment, so it safe for ALMOST every pet. (There are a few conditions that are contraindicated).

So, now you know a tiny bit about photobiomodulation and the best thing… your pup gets to wear some really cool goggles to protect their eyes! Check out Hollywood! She is a Rockstar!