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I used to drive several hours to their flagship office in Davidson… So I’m extremely grateful & excited to have them in Wilmington now too! Their focus on figuring out the issue rather than treating the symptom is spot on. Focusing on diet in order to limit future health issues has been so refreshing!

My dogs are treated like family here & we are never rushed out the door. They ALWAYS make sure all my questions/concerns/etc are answered before we leave & are great with ongoing education between appointments. Sometimes, I wish I had excuses to visit more often…

Dr. Nicole & her crew have made me a better pet owner ❤️ Coconut & Croix are eternally grateful!

Robert P.

Dr. Sheehan and her compassionate team provided exceptional care and attention to my dog’s needs. They took extra time during his exam to address his ongoing digestive issues and his overall nutritional health from a holistic approach. I finally feel like we’re on the right track in resolving these issues. Thank you, Drs. Sheehan and Rubendall for such a thorough exam and for a wonderful experience!
Maria C.

I’ve been through quite a few vets in Wilmington and have yet to find one I click with, trust, and like. I finally found them today! This vet is outstanding! I have never felt so comfortable with a vet and vet tech before. Dr. Rubendall is amazing! I would highly suggest to anyone to go here.
Rachael M.

Always love Dr. Rubendall and her team was very helpful and made sure my old girl was happy!
Valerie R.

This holistic vet clinic/hospital is the best thing that has happened to Wilmington in a long time. Finally, a professional veterinary acupuncture service for PREVENTATIVE and PROGRESSIVE pet/animal medicine. Finally, a service that CARES about your pet and UNDERSTANDS that said pet is part of your family. Being very dedicated to healing without harsh drugs whenever possible is their goal. Not only acupuncture but healing herbs and supplements are added to the mix of healing methods Dr.Nicole Sheehan has created for your pet’s well being. Nicole the VET as she is so graciously known will go above and beyond what it takes to heal any ailment, big or small. Her staff here in Wilmington is following her teachings and methods. Did I mention the space and people working here in Wilmington? Top-notch! And such BEAUTIFUL surroundings(and vet techs!) Nicole has taken this Wilmington space and made it her own with top quality and pristine surroundings. A clean and happy environment is so important in the treatment process of veterinary medical services including surgery.

So make your appointment today. You will be happy you did!

Susan H.

Offering both traditional and alternative treatments! Wow! Dr. Nicolle Rubendall is the best!
Nicole S.